Sunday, April 18, 2010

Round 2 of Beerfest

Seriously, don't I look so happy? Because I was: 1. I was dancing. 2. I was wasted. 3. I was chillin' with some really fun chaps from London. 4. I was singing really loud. 5. I was wasted.

The night actually started out horribly. Caah and I showed up at Beerfest around 7; I'm feeling pretty certain that I'm gonna have a fabulous night. How could I not if the night compared even a little to the one I'd had before? I was determined to get myself on some rides after I'd had a few steins and it seemed that the beertents were a little less crowded than previously. I walked into the beertent and was immediately hit by a wave of noise and smells and I wanted to throw myself into the crowd headlong. Caah, on the other hand, got hit with that wave of noise and smells and found it made her sick. So sick that within moments she was white as a sheet and looking like she was about to spew up all the beer she'd ingesting in the past 24 hours. She tried to stick it out but was so nausious that she had to go back to the hotel. I was going to leave with her but luckily Benny Lava and Sway were there to rescue me. The three of us searched for probably an hour for a group to let us stand with them, but apparently the reason beerfest was so much less crowded was because people were fed up trying to find somewhere to stand.

Finally, our searching came to an end. A group of older English fellahs from London saw us in our distress and invited us to join their table. We hopped up quickly and started in the effort to get a waitress to sell us steins. Failed attempt after failed attempt left me so agitated I was honestly ready to cut my losses and follow Caah home. The English guys seemed pretty boring to top it all off. Finally, a German man standing at a table opposite me decided to invite me to his table, which I did. I hoped that the influence of a lederhosen-clad local would gain the favor of a stein-bearing waitress. He introduced me to his brother and friends and the group of us made some funny Pope jokes for a while. They were wearing these hats they'd gotten from a brewer outside the tent and they looked like Pope hats, so we made Pope jokes in English and German. I suppose making Pope jokes isn't a sin because as I'm laughing uproariously a waitress came over and I was thanking God that I had gotten a stein. My new German friend came back to my English table and we all wound up dancing and cavorting for hours together.
Those are the English dudes. They wound up being really fun guys to spend beerfest with. Benny Lava, Sway, and myself were all having a really incredible time and who should we recognize walking past our table but Fresco and Tic. We prosted with them (my stein broke Tic's little pint) and danced and were merry. As the night drew to a close things in this beertent started to get incredible sloppy. I watched two big German girls fist-fight, saw a dude fall backwards into the crowd which had the effect of creating a maze of human dominoes, and saw someone slip and fall on a stray hot-dog.

Benny Lava, Sway, and I wound up pretty sloppy, too. I don't know how many steins they had, but I had five. That is ALOT of beer. We left the beertents with stolen steins and wound up dropping them and breaking them on the streets of Munich. We decided we were going to hunt for th 24 hour Burger King becuse we wanted milkshakes and honestly we were a bunch of serious messes. We took about 8,000 pictures jumping around the streets of Munich. At one point we had a photoshoot with a super expensive looking car parked in the street. Our photoshoot was so dynamic that we even took pictures underneath it. Since we were on the ground already, we decided to just continue taking pictures there. We were pretty good models, I think:

We wound up at Burger King maybe an hour after we left beerfest. We took another 8,000 pictures of the people eating there. We had milkshakes and chicken nuggets and SMOTHERED them in ketchup since Italy doesn't have any. By the time we got home it was around 3 in the morning and I passed out in my beerfest gear, meaning I passed out in my still beer-soaked shirt and leggings. FTW!

I woke up the next morning with a hangover so intense that I sat inthe Yoga position called Child's Pose for about an hour before attempting to stand and shower. Which, when I did, was a big misake.
Arrivederci, for now.
Love, Gabby

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