Tuesday, April 6, 2010

20% of Your Final Grade

Its that time again. Time to evaluate my teachers and my classes.

Intermediate Painting. I have to say, teach, you've really outdone yourself. The course load you've managed to have your students go through has truly felt like bootcamp. Yes, I'm complaining. We've already had to do eight paintings, two of which are gigantic, and they have all had to be complete. Too bad none of mine ever are. I simply don't have the time to do all that. I wouldn't have the time to do all that if this were my only class this semester. My ideas are too big for so many works. So far I've had to paint two monochromatic still lifes, one warm/cool still life, a painting based on the style of another artist, my midterm, a monochromatic self portrait, a warm/cool self portrait, and a full-figured nude model. So much work. The thing is, though, I'm improving in a big way. I'm honestly getting better at painting. I'm learning new techniques, I'm exchanging ideas, and I'm exploring new ways of expression. It feels really great, when all is said and done, to know that you're getting better when you didn't think you would. I've got three paintings due next week, none of which will be finished, about changing light. I've got to paint the same scene in Florence at three different times of the day. Its a cool assignment. But seriously? Three paintings in one week? Ontop of finishing all the others I haven't made it through yet? Please, someone, HELP!

Italian. I don't even know what we are doing in that class anymore. I've given up. I learn absolutely nothing in that class. I've said time and time again that the pace of the class is far too slow for me. Instead, I've taken up writing in my journal during that class. I make it through about four pages every Tuesday and Thursday and its wonderful. I finally get to catch up on writing in my journal, which I of course don't have the time to do normally. I also drink five os six cappucini from the Moka machine in our school to waste time. The Moka machines need to be adopted in the U.S. They are amazing. You can order any drink, macchiato, espresso, tea, cappucino, and this vending machine makes it for you burning hot. Its incredible. So many more students would pass their clases if these machines were outside their classrooms.

Intermediate Drawing. I abhor this class. With every ounce of my being. It is absolutely my least favorite. Not only do I think my teacher is woefully inadequate, not for lack of talent but for lack of skill at teaching, but I'm honestly sick to death of drawing naked people. The homework assignments are all redundant and boring and none of us ever do the homework the way she wants. You see, her syllabus is the most confusing piece of paper I've ever tried to read. She puts the assigments that are due that week two weeks later on the syllabus because somehow this makes sense. We're also required to go to all of these museums and sketch sculptures and stuff. I look them up on the internet and sketch them from there because, again, I have no time to go to the museums. They are expensive and are never opened when I do have the time. So screw drawing. In this class I'm not improving. Drawing has never been something I was particularly skilled at. I'm much better when I can work with colors. I like colors. I like being able to paint over my mistakes until I get them right. Erasers can only do so much for someone who is awful at figuring out proportions.

Travel Writing. I love you, travel writing. Thank you for being a class where I can do something I'm good at. Thank you for being a class with a legible syllabus. Thank you for being a class I look forward to. I even look forward to all of the homework. Who cares if there is alot of it? Not me. I'm just grateful to write and be good at writing. Writing is absolutely my strong suit. Somehow I've always got enough time for it. The readings for this class aren't horrible, either. I don't suffer from headaches when I'm done with them. Travel writing prompts me to want to see more, do more, and write all about it. It helps me focus myself in the directions I want to go. I'm more pleased with this class than with any other.

Sculpture. I sculpted my own face the other day. Another self-portrait. It was actually kind of realistic. This is a good sign. I've got ideas for this class that I'm proud of and excited to work with. I've also made some things I'm really excited about. I made this abstract DNA thing with a fetus man I'm going to attach with wire. I'm gonna melt wax onto it, too. Its going to look sweet. I want to make a bust of the face of Bacchus (Dionysus in Greek mythology, Bacchus in Roman), smash some wine bottles, and make a mosaic of his face. Its going to look sweet. The more important thing about this class is that the man who teaches it doesn't realize how in love with me he is and that we are destined to be together. Not only have we danced at a club, but he spent a long time with me telling me all the best places to go in Italy so that I can become a "better Italian". He doesn't know that he's only telling me this so that I look better when he takes me home to mom. Also, he invited me to go to his birthday party. Of course I went. I went there with a couple bottles of wine, Casalinga, Sclulptor #1, and another building friend, and made some cool aquaintences there. The fact of the matter is, though, he cooked us artichokes. They were amazing. Guess what? He's got a family restaurant in his village on the beach a half an hour away from here. God, I love him. We're going to get married, reader, you watch.

Anyway, thats my evaluation for the month of April. FINALS ARE IN MAY, TEACHERS, SO YOU BETTER START WORKING HARD! Arrivederci, for now.
Love, Gabby.

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