Sunday, April 11, 2010

Osteria Volpe drugged me!

So the other day all of my roommates, Selvaggia's visiting boyfriend, and myself all decided we wanted to go out to lunch to celebrate his being here. I was really excited because I got to pick the place. There is this amazing little trattoria tucked into the corner of nowhere in the center of this city and for eight euro they give you three courses and alot of wine. I couldn't stop singing the praises of this restaurant the whole walk there. Lucky for me, the restaurant was closed for siesta when we arrived. Casalinga took the reins, then, and brought us to a nearby osteria called Osteria Volpe. Alot of students go to this place so I shoved my disappointment aside and allowed myself to be excited for something new. We were all half-starved by the time we got there and I was ready to eat some food. For the first time since I've been to Italy I had to wait to be seated. Okay Gab, I'm thinking, look at the bright side. Waiting for food will be worth it. If there is a wait it must mean this place is good. We waited about ten minutes and I was pretty impressed when I walked inside. It was very old-timey, with worn benches for seats and scuffy, scratchy tables. It looked like a place that would serve me something good, and it was priced reasonably.

The meal wasn't spectacular. The house wine didn't do anything for me. The reason that Osteria Volpe even gets a mention in my blog is because after the meal was done and all of us were sitting there waiting for the check, we all started feeling funny. "I'm suddenly really tired," Benny Lava said, and then so was Sway. One by one we all started noticing we were all feeling tired. This struck me as odd, for myself at least, because I'd clocked a solid 10 hours of sleep the night before. It was the weekend. Tiredness evolved into an exhausted, bleary-eyed, tingles-up-my-spine, weird feeling all throughout my body. I felt sluggish and worn out. We were dragging our feet all the way home. I've officially been drugged in Florence. A roofie split six ways, maybe?
Arrivederci, for now.
Love, Gabby

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