Sunday, May 2, 2010

What the fuck is up with the Stop signs?

I've got a problem, Europe. A big one. I have finally discovered the reason why the drivers here are absolute maniacs. You know, I pegged you as one of the smarter continents, Europe. I really did. I thought with all your experience at being the most advanced collection of countries in the world that you'd be able to pool your resources and outshine the rest of the world for intelligence. Plus, all those years of experience with being big bad Europe has to count for something, right? Nope.

What moron decided to put up stop signs? I understand the need for a sign that tells the driver they need to stop at an intersection. Those signs are completely neccesary. WHY DO THOSE SIGNS READ "STOP"? Please, someone explain this to me. You'd be better off putting up an octogonal sign thats just red. People understand that. But "Stop"? I get that alot of people in Europe understand English, but the majority don't. Maybe 1/4th of the Italian population understands English. Its no friggin' wonder I've almost been killed in car-pedestrian collisions. I must come within inches of losing my life every day. How the hell do you expect to get the point across for a driver to stop if they can't even understand the sign they are looking at? I almost sympathize with those speeding Fiats, now. Heck, they could hit me and the BOTH of us could sue. I could sue them for hitting me and they could sue whatever asshole decided that putting the word "Stop" on an Italian sign was a good idea.

I found this sign: in Prague, after coming across numerous Stop signs in Italy and Germany, and this was the final straw for me. I needed to address this situation. European motorways should not have Stop Signs. I only hope that someone takes my sound advice and paints over "Stop" and replaces it with the native language's word for stop.
Arrivederci, for now.
Love, Gabby

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