Sunday, May 2, 2010

Walking Tour

I'm going to walk you through the highlights of Prague because I walked through the highlights of Prague.

Probably the biggest "tourist attraction" of Prague is the Astronomical clock, known to the Czech's as the Orloj. Its basically three clocks: one shows the position of the sun, one shows the position of astronomical details (mainly images of the Apostles), and a clock respresneting all of the months. For zodiac buffs (which I have actually been lately) this thing is a must-see. Every hour or so, just like the Glockenspeil clock, there is a performance. This performance is exactly as exciting as the Glockenspeil, too. That is to say, standing in that huge crowd of sweaty, stank Europeans to watch one guy in a leotard blow a trumpet is really not exciting at all. The clock is definitely worth seeing, though, and grabbing a beer at one of the restaurant's outside is worthwhile too. People watching here is rival only to people watching in a German airport.

The Charles Bridge had the second highest density of tourists in Prague. Of course it was stunning. I expect no less from Europe, now. There were sculptures every ten feet or so of imporant men and, what else, cherubs. One day, when I'm in heaven, I'm going to kick a cherub. This was the view I had to my right. To my left was a view exactly as breathtaking. I didn't expect the river that cut through Prague to be so big; I'm used to the itty-bitty Arno, and seeing the monstrous Vltava river almost, but not quite, gave me that refreshing ocean sensation you all know I love. I fell in love with someone on this bridge. This guy: is my new boyfriend. Sorry, Dave, but I'm having an affair in Prague. This little old guy was too adorable to pass up. He was part of a five piece folk band that plays on the Charles Bridge every day for five hours. And he played the washer. He danced around like a cute little old man and played the washer. What a fucking life? He doesn't know how much he loves me.

Next stop: John Lennon Peace Wall. I told you, this place is revolutionary. Before we got to the wall we made a pitstop on a smaller bridge where there was a lovers-lock fence. These fences are all over Europe. Wherever theres a river theres a lock fence. There is one in Florence. This is what it looks like. Lovers buy a lock and to solidify their love, they put it around one of these fences. Then they throw the keys into the river, together. Its really symbolic and blah blah blah. I almost ran back to my boyfriend and asked him to buy a lock with me. I didn't though, and continued onward to the Peace wall, which I was dying to see. Decades of graffiti, decades of poetry, decades of pleas for peace are all over this wall. Its probably the most beautiful piece of artwork I have seen since I've been here, and I'm no revolutionary peace activist. This wall was just that magnificent. The wall stretches about 30 feet or so (rough estimate) and is covered with lyrics from Beatles songs, graffiti symbols and faces that beg for peace on Earth, and of course the I love Susan's 4E, or the Jacob was here 2005's. Can't go anywhere in Europe without them. I challenge all of you useless vandals to come up with something more inventive! Regardless of the stupidity of such writings, the wall was amazing.

Well, thats Prague in a nutshell.
Arrivederci, for now.
Love, Gabby.

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