Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cheese Its and Dr. Pepper

I haven't been to every country in Europe yet, but I'm pretty sure that I like Germany and its natives the best. Maybe it was because they were all so friendly during Beerfest and maybe its because I thought the countryside was stunningly beautiful, but I've dreamt of Germany since I left there in April. Luckily for me, my sister-in-law Nicole and I share a close bond in sisterhood and friendship; she told me that if I wanted to I should go and visit her sister who was stationed on an airforce base in Germany. I'd met her sister a bunch of times before and thought she was just as fun and wonderful a person as Nicole. Nicole and I are two of the biggest goofballs together and the prospect of letting out the GoofTroop inside me was tempting. I thought to myself: you're gonna be in Europe on your own til July when your parents get here. Why not see a friendly face, get out of Italy, and visit Germany and piece of America at the same time? So I contacted Shakira and she was more than happy to have me come and visit. I booked a flight on RyanAir (worst European airline. EasyJet is just as cheap and way less annoying) and flew into Frankfurt-Hahn, where Shakira met me with a gigantic hug. I can't explain the feeling I had when I saw her. The first familiar American face I'd seen in all of five months made the strings of my heart that are connected to home tug in a ferocious way. She brought her one year old daughter Anaiya and I can't explain how cute she is. Shes got these little balls of poofy black hair that stick up on her head and bobble when she runs; her little smiley face made me want to cry with happiness.

We joked and laughed in the car the entire ride home. After nearly a month of total submersion into an Italian family, speaking plain English with someone felt much the same as drinking a glass of ice cold water after running in 100 degree weather for an hour. It was nighttime by the time we made it to the Ramstein airforce base. She took me into the Shopette so I could buy a few things for myself. I had my first real wave of culture shock. Not only was I suprised at how strangely long the American dollar bills are, I was overwhelmed by the vast selection of items the Shopette had for sale, and the Shopette is a military convenience store about the size of a 7-11. I stood staring at all the food while Shakira urged me to pick some things for myself. I just couldn't, though. I had to walk down every single aisle and look at every single item on sale before I could choose anything, and I completely forgot to buy the neccesaries I'd been denied by RyanAir, i.e. soap, contact solution, and disposable razors.

I chose my favorite snack in the entire world: Cheese Its. I also bought myself my first soda since I've been in Europe, a Dr. Pepper. I normally don't drink soda but Dr. Pepper is liquid candy and I love it. Being in that Shopette, completely indecisive and unable to purchase more than two things for myself because I was so overwhelmed, made me 100% certain that I will suffer culture shock full force back in America. I don't want my time here in Europe to end, but I sure can't wait for Walmart.
Arrivederci, for now.
Love, Gabby.

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