Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meme the House-Ghost

Refer quickly to the My Creepy Building post before reading this. I've come to some conclusions with my roommates after posting that. MY BUILDING IS HAUNTED! Very, very, haunted. By Meme. We've given him/her (this ghost can change gender at will) this name for a reason so personal to all of us here in my apartment that I can't even write it on my blog. Meme is always around. She takes up residence in our room, but whenever he so chooses he'll go to other parts of the apartment building. Even now as I write about her, shes getting angry and banging on windows and making my doors move. He really enjoys spooking the hell out of me. Meme is a constant companion of room 35, even though she can move freely around the building. We've staked a claim on this ghost. We're planning on holding a seiance to try and figure out his deal because shes got us all on edge around here. All of my roommates and I (Selvaggia, Casalinga, Benny Lava, and Sway) and two other apartment building friends (Minuscuola ans Sculptor#1), have been talking about this for some time now and its at the point where I think a seiance is neccesary.

We know Meme is real. We started feeling like there was a "presence" shortly after moving into the apartment. Sometimes you can just feel these things. All of us attributed it, in the beggining, to the fact that we were living in a dusty, cold, Italian building far away from home and far away from modernity. Nerves were a little jumpy. But no, its a ghost. There are some really bad vibes going on in our apartment. We thought maybe it was the lack of lighting, since our lights constantly blow out, or the lack of space in our room. It can't be those things creating bad energy so strong. Sculptor#2 commented once to all of us that "This building has some bad residual energy. I can feel that, here". One day we were all sitting down at the kitchen table talking about the possibility of a ghost. Moda came over and we were all watching a movie when the subject got started. He thought we were all being silly and shot down our theories. Collectively, and with the help of Meme, we made a pretty convincing arguement. Selvaggia and I had our experience with the hallway-heel clicker at 5 a.m. and we explained the situation to Moda. Sway, too, had something similar happen INSIDE his apartment. The heels seemed to walk back and fourth throughout his room and he and his roommate both noticed the noise. They live on the top floor and the pacing was definitely not coming from below. Benny Lava was privy to doorslamming and window banging one night. The unnatural kind. Our doors are pretty heavy and when they lock, they remain locked. So are the windows. For both the doors and windows to seemingly burst open during the nighttime is crazy. We are not attributing this to drafts, no way. Its Meme. Sway also has this issue with this ticking noise he says gets really close to his ears. It happened to Benny Lava once, too. It doesn't go away and its impossible to find where the noise comes from. We're serious, readers. We're being haunted. We're telling Moda all of this and as he is rolling his eyes, not believing. Sway took a bathroom break and after coming out told all of us he just felt really weird in the bathroom. "I dunno," he said, after we questioned him why. "It just didn't feel right in there". A little while later Selvaggia went to the bathroom. "Holy shit, guys," she said, walking out. "While I was in there I swear something was pushing me out. It felt so strange and I was getting nervous. I'm standing up and then I feel this pressue on my back, pushing me out the door. I'm not joking, it was right on my lower back and it was a distinct pressure, moving me". Moda was still rolling his eyes at this point when what should happen but our closed front door should open, letting in the light from the hallway. It creeped it's way open wider and wider, all strange and eerie. I've mentioned in my older posts that the lights in this building go off after ten minues. The lights were on and no one uses our hallway. As our old heavy door creeks opened Moda looks at us, wide eyed, nodding his head. "You guys are totally haunted".

Meme does the normal things ghosts do, i.e. open doors, slam windows, breezes when there is no draft. Typical ghost shit. The thing about Meme is hes a really angry, desperate ghost who definitely has it out for the residents in our room. Sometimes other rooms, too, I'm sure. We started noticing the dangers of our apartment early on. We've got a perfectly level drying rack to dry our dishes on. Regardless of this, shit falls out pretty often. Its never plastic containers or spoons that fall out, though. Never anything harmless. Its always things that fall and shatter or knives that seem to shoot out of the drying rack directly at our faces. Benny Lava actually suffered a serious wound because Meme threw a glass at her, once. Sometimes the flames from the burners on our stove grow to alarming heights without our turning up the heat. Selvaggia almost got seriously electrocuted in one of our first days here from a blown light. The spark this bulb blew out was so big and so blue. Selvaggia jumped backwards and was too stunned to even say anything when it happened. There are other things, too. For instance, I'm convinced now that even though I do have wine dreams about Poeta standing at my bedside, somehow it's Meme manifesting herself in his likeness. I get this feeling, sometimes, that there is someone definitely there.

The real clincher on the ghost thing, for me, is the smell. I know, people don't associate ghosts with smells. I don't, really, either. But my apartment has this smell. This rotting, nasty, mouldy smell that has been here, permeating and festering since the day we moved in. We all commented on it after walking through the door. I'm preeeeeetty sure that its because the dead body of Meme is hidden in my walls.
Arrivederci, for now.
Love, Gabby.

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