Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jazz Nights at Sei Divino

Sei Divino was voted Florence's best wine bar this year. I know this because I was invited to the celebration. Selvaggia, Casalinga, Poeta, Moda, Carino, a friend from South Africa, and myself all accompanied Divertimenti, the owner, to his award ceremony. It was held in a club called Yab in the Palazzo Strozzi one night. We were allowed to sit at a V.I.P table with free drinks for the whole night. I'll be the first one to admit that I felt like I was really awesome. It was very similar to the feeling of sitting with the popular kids during lunch. That night was a memorable one for me. Not just because I was sitting with the in crowd in Yab, a club in Florence that everyone says is the best and next to Babylon I agree 100%. Being a part of the Sei Divino award for excellence was special to me because Sei Divino is special to me.

Sei Divino is among my top 3 favorite places in Florence; I can't ever decide which is number 1. The three way tie is between the Piazza Signorina because I always love to visit my boyfriend, a trattoria close to the Santa Croce called Anita because they serve me enough food to feed ten people for only eight euro and its so good I'm sure its all been tossed down from Olympus, and Sei Divino. It may very well be that Sei Divino is in the lead. Perhaps its because I know the owner and I get free shots, maybe its because I robbed it once with Divertimenti, Selvaggia, and Poco, but its probably because I have more fun there than anywhere else in this town. I can count on Sei Divino to deliver me a good time, every time. The decor is very classy. There are about 7 million wine bottles, nice paintings and photographs, good seating, and a clean bathroom, all working together to create a relaxed environment. There is the one nutty picture of a face on the ground, black and white, reflected in a puddle but really weirdly. It always makes me think really intensely and I actually really enjoy that. They play great music, there is always dancing, and the aperitivo is better than at any other place in Florence. They have a Mexican night for shit's sake. Mmmmm. What's more, they host an 80s dance night. For my readers back home who know anything at all about me, they know that this one thing alone is enough to make me crazy about the place. The Sei Divino staff are all amazing, also. They dance, they sing, they mix drinks strong, and they're all friendlier than at any other bar.

Sei Divino's many wonderful traits are all shadowed by Thursday nights. Jazz night. Somehow Divertimenti got his hands on a local four-piece Jazz band who, every Thursday, have the bar packed full. I love them so much. Thursday Jazz nights have become a ritual for me. I've almost memorized the set list. They play some of my jazz favorites, Louie Prima and Ray Charles (with an Ital accent), and I'm always right there singing with them. They've got these signature Italian songs that they play and I wish I had a video. Next time I am there I will record them so be sure to check back for an updated account of why jazz nights are so fun. Anyway, jazz nights have done wonderful things for me. I've had my first lessons in salsa and tango. I've met wonderful people during jazz nights, many who've become great friends of mine. I can't explain exactly how much fun these nights are, but just imagine. The music is so much fun, honestly. The singer is really hot, too.

I'm sure in the future I'll have written more about Sei Divino, but for now, I hope you all understand that if you're ever in Florence you absolutely have to go to Sei Divino on Thursday night. Order a Long Island.
Arriverderci, for now.
Love, Gabby.

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